I was born and raised in Winnipeg. Been here all my life. Traveled to many places in the world. Cuba is my second home. I have been playing music since as long as at least my mom can remember I was 4 or 5. Back then it was the 78” records or 8-tracks. And yes I still have some of those 8-tracks to this day with the player from 1972 that still works. I was not the quite guy. I was always the guy with the biggest portable stereo that ran on 12 “D” batteries. And played it as loud as possible. Once I got my first car. I became fascinated with music. Yes the car had a cassette player. I had to immediately make it louder. Once I had a car I was able to work. I immediately sought out a job that I New would make me happy and provide me with gas money. Typical 16 year olds dream come true. A wise man once told me “ find something you love to do and are good at. Then convince someone to pay you a lot of money to do it”. Not the classiest quote. But it has stuck with me for about 30 years. I started to work at a local bar in Winnipeg on Thursdays, Friday’s and Saturday’s After 2 months I wanted more. So I travelled to a lot of different nightclubs and bars to get my feet wet. Then I discovered that people would pay me to play music at their weddings and socials. Started to save some of that gas money and got my first mixer. I believe it was a “realistic” brand that I purchased from radio shack. I bought a pair of speakers and a few amplifiers. I was now ready for action. Been playing music in bars, social halls and corporate events as well as many house parties since and never stopped. With out giving away my age..... let’s just say I’ve been doing this longer than I can remember. Slowed down a little bit when my children were born. However the love of music never stopped. Always kept my mixer and decks. Just had to turn it down for nap time. I believe that when your going to do something. You should put in 150% Again having the love of music as I have for as long as I can remember, I believe that the sound quality needs to be of the highest standards. I compete in Car audio competitions and have for about 20 years. I only use what I think is the best when it comes to equipment. A lot had changed in the past 10 years when it comes to being a DJ. There are so many new technologies and levels of quality that are available even if someone is just starting out. I have been using Numark as my main mixer for the past 7 years. Started with the NS7. Now use the NS7111. Once I discovered Serato. It has been my choice of software since. I no longer carry around big heavy amplifiers. I use powered speakers. They range from 200-2500 watts. I currently have about 20 different speakers in my selection to choose from depending on the venue I’m playing. I use a windows based Alienware laptop. It’s imperative to have something that is reliable. Anyone can press play. I am not a juke box. I read the crowd engage the crowd and sometimes even join in the dancing part of the crowd. Being able to take control of a crowd and keep them captivated for the evening is the fun part as well as sometimes the challenge. Having very good personal skills is a key to being success-full. As for my Name. DJZ. When I was able to buy my first sports car I bought a brand new 370z. The name stuck! It’s been DJZ ever since.

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