Cafe Music School is a faith-based music school run by Jennie Rempel and is dedicated to providing a musical foundation for all students to pursue music in any capacity they choose. We are firm believers that students who enroll in our programs should not only be learning the proper techniques but should be enjoying the lessons, and enjoying the music they play. The goal of our teachers is to teach your children in a way that not only gets the proper techniques and skills across, but also encourages your child to enjoy music in the ways that our teachers do.
We are committed to not only meeting the needs of students of all ages with different types of private and group music lessons, but also meeting the needs of the parents who enroll their children in our programs. Our unique cafe-style waiting room provides a relaxing atmosphere where parents can enjoy a warm beverage while waiting and is just one of the things that make Café Music School special.

At Cafe Music School we offer instruction from a group of educated, artisticly current, and passionate music teachers who love music and teaching. We offer lessons in a wide selection of instruments, in addition to a musical theatre program, toddler and kids programs, Music Therapy, DJ classes, a Tiny Toes Dance Class and a Group Guitar Class. Our instructors range in experience and backgrounds and all have been cleared with Criminal Record Checks and Child Abuse Registry Checks, as well as reference checks. 

We are also committed to giving back to the community and are happy to announce that we are raising money as the Heart and Soul Program to donate instruments and music classes to Elmwood and innercity students who would otherwise not be able to learn music. We also offer bursary programs for parents/guardians in financial need to enable their children to take lessons at our music school.

Cafe Music School has now partnered up with Masterworks Dance Studio at the Downtown location, 333 King street, part of YFC. We will now be offering private music lessons at the downtown location in order to offer a wider variety of music lessons at Masterworks as well as offer a wider selection of classes such as Musical Theatre, all types of Dance Beginner to Advanced, Rhythmic Gymastics, Art and more all in the same building. We are very excited about this new partnership beginning September 2016.

Yours Sincerely,

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