GOOD GOOD NEWS!! Cafe Music School will continue in the Fall!

I am so happy to announce that Cafe Music School will be continuing in the Fall 2019!New (wonderful) owners will be coming in and taking over, and lessons will continue as always!

This means we are now taking registrations for Fall 2019! You can register right now to get first pick for September, you can come in to the school, email or do it online. In July and August you can register online!

I am so excited to see Cafe Music continue on!! Thank you!


Some sad news... Cafe Music School WILL be closing its doors for good end of July. Due to rising costs, personal reasons and just timing, I have decided now is the time to walk away.

I want to thank all the students over the last 10 years, all the wonderful staff, Riverwood Church and Eastview Community Church for the many recitals and the community for supporting this small business. It has been amazing!! Thank you!

We ARE open for lesson until end of June! We also will offer special trials for anyone wanting to try an instrument before the Summer.

Masterworks Programs and Calvin programs are in discussion to continue in the Fall so please look into those options. You can also talk to your teachers if you take lessons and find out their plans for the Fall.

Everything is for sale!! And I mean everything! So come and take a look at the list at the front desk, you can pay for whatever you are interested in, some items you can take immediately and some you can pick up last week of June when lessons are done! It includes new instruments, used instruments, furniture, decor, office supplies, a large desk and counter, coffee machines, kids instruments and more. 

Once again, thank you! 

Sincerely, Jennie Rempel


Cafe Music School's TENTH Christmas Recital

December 1st, Saturday

12:15, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 (please find out which time you are in)

Riverwood Community Church - THE WAREHOUSE BUILDING - Gordon Street

Everyone is welcome!

Free Recital and plenty of parking!

Donations are accepted towards our Heart and Soul Program where we offer music lessons and instruments to students at our downtown location with Masterworks Studio.

We look forward to celebrating Christmas with you and your family this year!!


Fall is here and that means all of our great music classes and private lessons are back at it!

We are taking registrations for many different programs and we even have specials going on, here is what we have for you:

PRIVATE LESSONS - guitar, violin, bass, ukulele, fiddle, viola, voice, piano, drums, accordion, band instruments too! Start anytime, ask to try it out before committing if you'd like! 

MUSIC THERAPY - we have a certified Music Therapist Erica who is offering private music therapy session, group sessions starting end of September and adapted lessons for those with any needs.

TINY TOES DANCE - ages 3-6 intro to everything dance! A little ballet, little jazz, hip hop and lots of creative movement, games, improv,etc. Great free recital in May for all to attend! Ask to try it out!

MUSICAL THEATRE CLASS - ages 4-7, an intro to everything theatre! You sing, you dance, you act, you play! You learn how to perform, you do fun improv games, you learn skits and songs and then you perform for everyone at a free recital in May! Ask to try it out!

ART CLASSES - great art classes for ages 5 - 10 where it's not just doing some popsicle crafts! You are working with paints and mediums, learning about famous artists and their techniques and trying it out yourself! Very hands on and you take all works of art home! Now booking our 8 week session!!

INTRO TO INSTRUMENTS CLASS - ages 4-7 - a unqiue introductory class for students to learn with hands-on experience with piano, guitar, voice, drums and much more! Included is musical games, activities and theory. Limited spaces!


And don't forget...enjoy hot or cold beverages from our very own cafe!! 


April 01, 2018

With Spring and Summer here it is time to start thinking about new plans for you or your child(ren) with music!! Cafe Music School has lots of options for you to consider!

Munchkin Music is for ages 2 to 4, an introduction to everything music, dance and singing! It is a relaxed, small group class for students to be introduced to a music class while getting hands on experiences with many instruments! STARTING APRIL, JULY AND AUGUST (Summer we offer short trial camps to try out!)

Intro to Instruments is the next class up from Munchkin Music, for ages 4 to 7, a relaxed, small group of students will be introduced to piano, guitar, voice, drums and many other instruments, as well as musical games, theory and music more! STARTING APRIL, JULY AND AUGUST (Summer we offer short trial camps to try out!)

Tiny Toes Dance Class - our Fall/Spring Session wrapping up now in May but we are registering both for our SUMMER CAMPS as well as FALL SESSION which fills up fast! These classes are designed for students ages 3 to 6, it is an introduction to all styles of dance and creative movement, uses many fun creative games and improv and the performance in May is always a huge hit!

Musical Theatre - class designed for ages 4 to 7 which introduces students to dance, singing and choreography, includes lots of improv, imagination play, learning what theatre is all about and has a great performance in May for all to attend. This class is registering for our FALL SESSION.

Summer Full Day Camp - a FULL Music Day Camp for ages 4 to 8, daycare but so much more! Includes private music lessons in guitar, piano and voice, includes many musical games, theatre, dance, physical activities, outdoor time, park time, arts and crafts and so much more!

Rock Band Camp - for students comfortable on their instruments (ideally ages 8 and up), study with a professional musician and learn how to jam with others, learn popular songs, learn how to perform, write music and either record your own CD or perform live at the end of the camp! This camp runs full days for one week either in July or August. LIMITED SPACES.

Art Classes - our popular Art Classes are now registering for JULY SUMMER CAMP - 3 days long, one hour each, and FALL SESSION which runs for 8 weeks, once a week. Ideally for ages 5 and up this is not an arts and crafts class, this is a real painting class that focuses on fun ways to study real famous artists, learn about their techniques and then paint your own masterpieces and take them home! LIMITED SPACES.

String Orchestra - for students comfortable on their string instruments (including violin, viola, cello, guitar and fiddle) this will be a fun way to create music with other instruments and perform at the end!

SUMMER LESSONS - guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, piano and voice. Book around your holidays, flexible schedules and great summer trial prices to try them out!!

To Register for any of our classes or camps, or if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 661-1264 or email me anytime.


January 01, 2018

Winter is here! And with that brings many new opportunities to try some of our lessons!

This includes:

Private Lessons in all instruments - a great Trial Price for the month of January!

Munchkin Music - ages 2-4 classes begin end of January for 12 weeks

Intro to Instruments - ages 4-7 classes begin end of January for 12 weeks

Tiny Toes Dance Classes - ages 3-6 - last chance to register 

Musical Theatre Classes - ages 4-7- last chance to register

Music Therapy Groups - all ages - several different group classes starting for 8 weeks 

You can also start to look ahead to Spring!!

Register for any of our groups for the Spring Session

Also a special ART CLASS will be starting in March for ages 5-8 and 9 and up!

To Register:


1517 Gateway Road (in the Sun Valley Mall) to register online

Christmas recital - Important Information!

December 01, 2016



Cafe Music School Annual Christmas Recital

Saturday, December 17th 

(please note it is SATURDAY instead of our usual SUNDAY recitals)


Riverwood Church - THE WAREHOUSE

(please note it is changed from Eastview Church - and it is The WAREHOUSE not The Main Factory Building)

270 Gordon Avenue


Times: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

Your time will be given to you!




Please arrive 15 minutes early and find your instructor or have a seat

Recital is free of charge and everyone welcome!


A donation for Heart and Soul Program - 100% of donations will go to sponsoring children for music lessons and Cafe Music School will match all donations!!

SUMMER NEWS! And don't forget to plan for FALL!

Summer is here! 

In the Summer we offer many fun options for any age including:

Munchkin Music Camps - ages 2 to 4 - 3 days in a row for 30 minutes each in July and/or August

Intro to Instruments Class - ages 4 to 7 - 3 days in a row for 30 minutes each in July and/or August - includes piano, guitar, drums and fun games and songs

Glee Club Camp - 7 and up - a fun camp to learn fun, modern songs with other musicians

Art Club - 3 days to learn about an artist or two and create works of art! 

Rock Band Camp - any age as long as comfortable on the instrument - FULL DAY CAMPS! 9am to 4pm, jamming, writing music, learning to perform and includes a performance after the camp

We also offer GREAT SUMMER TRIALS in Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Piano and Voice!

And don't forget....

You can register for FALL spots right now!! Beat the rush, choose the day and time that works for you and register now!


September 01, 2017

It's that time of year again... back to school time! With Fall brings our busiest time for registrations, you CAN register anytime you'd like with Cafe Music School, all year long, but right now is the prime time to choose the day and time and teacher you would like most.

We are now registering for:

Private Music Lessons in almost ANY instrument for any age

Munchkin Music for ages 2-4 - runs Fall, Winter and Spring

Intro to Instruments for ages 4-7 - runs Fall, Winter and Spring -a relaxed intro to try guitar, piano, voice, drums and includes theory, musical games and much more!

Tiny Toes Dance Class - for ages 3-6 - a very popular intro to dance and creative movement class with a free performance in May

Musical Theatre Class - designed for the younger student (ages 4-7) - includes everything acting, singing and dance with a free performance in May

DJ Sessions - one of a kind to Winnipeg! Private sessions for a student of any age in order to learn how to DJ, use the equipment (which is all included) and learn all about the business

Music Therapy - with Certified Music therapists, private or group sessions available for any need

Adapted Piano,Guitar and Voice - these are private music lessons with our Music Therapists for those that many need more than just a regular lesson

Art Classes for Children - learning about real artists, their techniques with fun stories and books, children will not only learn about art history and HOW to paint, but they will be able to practice and paint every class, creating masterpieces to take home!

Best part... enjoy our cafe-style waiting area for parents and siblings!!



check out the SIGN ME UP on the homepage of his website

Art Classes for kids. Coming Spring 2017!!

April 19, 2017

We are happy to announce that we are starting a children's art class for ages 5 - 10 in the Spring of 2017 and then again offered September 2017.

Here is the 8 week course description:

The course will feature an exploration of colour and design using a variety of art mediums and techniques based on the works of Picasso, Klimt and Van Gogh. Participants will experience classes involving self portraits (Picasso inspired) , a musician collage, colour resist raindrops and line designs (Van Gogh and Klimt). These are just a few of the ideas that participants will be exposed to during the 8 week session.

ALL materials are included in the cost! All art work will be sent home and much of it is so beautiful you will want to frame it for your home :)




Cafe Music School has the one-of-a-kind to Winnipeg cafe-style waiting area complete with all hot drinks to order, cold Jones, cookies, a fireplace, music, magazines, comfortable seating and a TV to watch group lessons.

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